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A leader does this by talking, but more importantly, listening to his staff.Senate Judiciary Committee chair Chuck Grassley says Donald Trump Jr. Will have to testify publicly about a meeting last year that included a Russian lawyerDemorcats have been clamoring for a public spectacle where they can rake Trump Jr. Over the coalsThe president’s eldest son already met with Senate Judiciary Committee staffers last month in privateTrump Jr.So why go watch Avatar then, you ask? I told myself I was just going to see what the hype was about. And when you watch the movie, you do realize what the hype is about. It’s not about the plot (is there one in the first place?), it’s not about the director (I wanted to die while watching Titanic), and it’s only in part about the special effects (is it just me or are the Na’vi like giant humanoid lizards?).Candidate can acquire the global recognition on the globe. 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